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                  Career Development

                  Attracting talent is just the start. At TJX, we believe our Associates are one of our most valuable assets and, as such, it is our responsibility to train and mentor our Associates for success. Our senior leaders consider teaching and mentoring an absolute priority to support the career development of our Associates.

                  Our training happens throughout the organization in a variety of settings, including in our stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices. Some is formal, like the courses offered in our corporate offices, or in the field for store managers, and some is informal, like the morning huddles held in our stores and distribution centers. No matter the location, a vital part of this training is open communication and relationship-building among our Associates. This, coupled with our core values of honesty, integrity, and treating each other with dignity and respect, guides our efforts.

                  Leadership Development Programs

                  Along with our corporate office courses, we have leadership development programs aimed at developing all Associates’ potential to enjoy fulfilling careers at TJX. At every level, we find development opportunities for our Associates to meet or exceed their own expectations. We believe that at every level, from hourly Associates to management and beyond, an Associate can progress and grow. The Global Leadership Curriculum supports leaders across TJX by offering a consistent development experience focused around TJX’s defined leadership competencies. New leaders have a set of core and elective courses available to them, which reflect our relationship-focused culture and blend in-person classroom learning with leader mentoring. These courses can help our growing base of new leaders gain skills useful for succeeding at our Company.


                  Since 2017, over 3,500 new leaders have participated in the Global Leadership Curriculum across all of our divisions.

                  High Potential Development

                  Leaders Developing Leaders (LDL) is a 10 month global development program designed to accelerate leadership readiness, but at a more senior level. The program offers a variety of opportunities, including gaining exposure to different leaders, TJX businesses, and business units. Participants receive feedback on their leadership style and interactions throughout the process, with the goal of incorporating those learnings into their leadership style. The first phase of the program is project based where participants are assigned to teams to research and address a business issue or opportunity. They learn how to navigate the organization through the development of their problem-solving and strategic planning skills, while deepening their understanding of the business and themselves as leaders. The team develops and presents a strategic plan to senior management, working collaboratively with other managers from a broad range of functions and geographies. Many of the project recommendations that have come from these LDL teams have been implemented in some capacity, including, for example, the layout of lighting fixtures for sale in the new Homesense U.S. stores.

                  Emerging Leaders is designed to help high potential Associates at the managerial level prepare to expand their leadership roles. The process consists of targeted assessments, review of feedback and the creation of an individual development plan. Individuals who complete this process are eligible to participate in the Emerging Leader Action Learning program which includes instructor-led coursework, a team project, and a presentation.

                  Emerging Leader Action Learning, a U.S. and Canadian program, is a three month learning journey for high potential Associates. Similar to the project portion of LDL, the experience is a pragmatic, hands-on, project-based learning. Participants are placed on a cross-functional team and mentored by an executive sponsor for delivering results on a real-life TJX business initiative. Participants are given an opportunity to hone informal influencing skills by navigating through various business functions. Teams present their findings, ideas, and recommendations to an executive panel at the close of the program.

                  In Canada, the Manager in Training Program (MIT) is an accelerated program that provides training for new and existing Associates who show strong potential to perform Store Management roles and responsibilities. The six month program exposes these Associates more deeply to our business practices and helps them develop their leadership skills and competencies. Since the inception of the MIT program, the volume and success of internal promotions has increased significantly.

                  Similarly, the TJX Graduate Programme in Europe helps broaden Associates’ understanding of our business and prepares them for future leadership opportunities in the areas of Finance, Merchandising, Buying, Loss Prevention, and Logistics. In addition, the Leader in Me program is designed to help develop high-potential Associates early in their careers and prepare them for more senior roles in the future. During each nine-month session, which runs three times a year, Associates from all functions learn more about themselves as leaders, as well as how to use these leadership skills in their current roles and for future opportunities.

                  Calling All Merchants: Training Starts Here

                  We are particularly proud of our global merchant training programs, which we believe are some of the best and most respected in the retail industry. Our programs are designed to support Associates interested in pursuing careers as merchants and develop them as future leaders in our off-price retail business. Training begins with education in the principles of planning and allocation and an introduction to off-price retailing. Most merchandising Associates begin their TJX careers in an allocation position. From there, we continue to invest in an Associate’s training and development and create opportunities for structured career progression into merchandising, buying, and potentially, management.


                  In 2018, we hired over 350 Associates into the U.S., Canadian, and European buyer and planning and allocation training programs.

                  TJX University for Merchants

                  At TJX University, we offer merchandising Associates advanced learning opportunities through specialized training, significant one-on-one coaching, and field exercises to both further their development and prepare them for the next step in their careers. The coaching and field exercises often take place in our own stores, as well as in the competitive marketplace. The University teaches a consistent approach to the off-price business model, teamwork, and culture that have been a critical part of our success.

                  For some of the buyers identified as having potential to rise to a leadership level, we offer a specialized six-month learning experience. It brings together merchants from across our global divisions to get exposure to the critical merchant and leadership skills necessary for success. Focus is on understanding the role; integrating strategic, business, and critical relationship skills; and building a diverse, global leadership perspective.

                  External Development

                  In addition to our many internal development opportunities, we also offer a variety of programs for our Associates with several of our partner organizations, such as the NAACP, the National Urban League, the National Hispanic Corporate Council, Disability:IN, and Diversity Best Practices. In addition, we belong to Conexion in Boston and, on a national level, The Partnership. Conexion pairs Latino Associates with a seasoned mentor at organizations in various industries and provides workshops in leadership. The Partnership offers year-long programs in leadership and cultural navigation for all-level Associates, as well as the Next Generation Executive Program, a five-month training course. We actively bring together Associate alumni of both of these programs to build a network that can support participants and encourage learning. Over the years, we have had close to 500 Associates of diverse ethnic or racial backgrounds participate in The Partnership programs with an active alumni group encouraging learning.